V Neck Luxury Cross Letter Print Sleepwear

V Neck Luxury Cross Letter Print Sleepwear

The Women’s Pajamas Set is a sleepwear outfit designed for women. The set includes a top and a pair of pants, both made from a fabric that resembles silk in texture and appearance. The pajama top features a V-neck design, which is a neckline that forms a V-shape at the front of the garment. The design of the top also includes a luxury cross letter print, which is a decorative element with a pattern resembling a cross or X with letters inside. The pajama pants are designed in a loose, comfortable fit and have an elastic waistband for a comfortable and secure fit. The set is available in XXXXL size, which is a large size suitable for women who require a roomier fit. Overall, the Women’s Pajamas Set is a stylish and comfortable sleepwear option for women who prefer luxurious fabrics and a fashionable design.




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