Hand Drawn Art Tropical Nightwear Set

Hand Drawn Art Tropical Nightwear Set

This is a description of a women’s pajama set that features hand-drawn art of tropical plants. The pajama set is designed to look and feel like silk, providing a comfortable and luxurious nightwear option for the wearer.

The set includes a pair of shorts, which are likely to be lightweight and breathable, making them perfect for wearing around the house or to bed. The shorts are likely to have an elastic waistband, ensuring a comfortable fit for a range of body shapes and sizes.

The top is not explicitly mentioned in the description, but it can be assumed to be a matching piece to the shorts, also featuring the hand-drawn tropical plant design. It may be a short-sleeved or sleeveless top, again designed to be comfortable for sleeping or lounging.

Overall, this pajama set is described as a stylish and comfortable option for women who want to feel relaxed and at ease at home.




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