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Fees are calculated on case-by-case basis. You can get the exact fees in the estimate before getting into our service.

Anywhere online / offline in France. You can buy from any online retailers (Galeries Lafayette , Amazon France , etc.), second hand marketplaces ( , , etc.) or auction sellers.

For anything that are not found online, please note it in the order form and provide as much details as possible. We cannot guarantee we will find it, but we will try our best!

Yes, definitely. Please refer to our guides for combining multiple orders below.

You may combine multiple orders as a single shipment to save international shipping cost. Please place a separate order for each product you want to combine. Shipping cost will be calculated as one shipment and charged onto one of your combined orders. Shipping costs of the remaining combined orders will become free because they are already included in the combined shipment.

Taping multiple boxes together and sending as one is not allowed for international mail. Therefore, combined orders must be placed in a durable box for each shipment. Please refer to the following page from La Poste service and purchase suitable boxes for combining your orders.

Please note that the selections of boxes and packaging methods vary upon the sizes of your orders. We will discuss with you to choose the most economical method for you. We may or may not open the parcel boxes of your orders in order to combine shipments. We will discuss with you before we take any action but we reserve the right to make any ultimate decision for your shipment.

For anything that are not found online, please note it in the order form and provide as much details as possible. We cannot guarantee we will find it, but we will try our best!

We recommend Colissimo by La Poste, EMS (Express Mail Service) or Mail Boxes.

Both options include tracking service.

Click here for comparison of shipping types and shipping time

Shipping cost is composed of:

  • Local shipping cost to our warehouse.
  • International shipping cost from our warehouse to your country.

Local shipping cost will be determined by our staffs on each order manually and we will notify you before you confirm the purchase.

International shipping cost is determined case-by-case by our staffs before we received your items at our warehouse.

Yes, we will help you buy anything you want as long as it is legally for sale in France. However, it is your responsibility to make sure the item is mailable to you country.

We reserve the right to refuse purchasing harmful or questionable items that are warned in our Terms & Conditions.

Our warehouse is located in Urrugne, France (Postal Code: 64700).

We only use Euros (€) for all of our orders.

We accept major credit cards through PayPal and also crypto currencies accepted by Coinbase platform.

Just place an order of that item through the contact form. Our staffs will help you understand it more through the Order Communicator. You do not need to pay until you are certain about the item and confirm the purchase.

There is no minimum price for individual orders as long as you combine multiple orders into a grand total of at least 30 €.

We must comply to the rules imposed by La Poste when shipping your orders. Therefore, your items must also comply to the size and weight limits by La Poste.

We’re doing all we can to prepare for Brexit in the best way possible, but unfortunately some delivery delays for existing orders may occur. Please keep an eye on your tracking link for updates.

If you place an order after Brexit, please check the expected delivery date in checkout and the order confirmation for the then-current information.

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